iOSDocked - EP143 - WWDC Recap - iLike CarPlay, iPadOS & Shortcuts

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This week my "iLike" (pick of the week) was much of the WWDC event.


There were a few things announced that just made me say a big “YES!” out loud. 

Among those things were the updated CarPlay. It was definitely given a much need facelift. 

iPadOSgets exactly what the iPad needed, it’s own operating system. Now the capability and power in both the software and hardware that make up the iPad can propel the device into the future for casual and power users alike. 

Shortcutsis baked into the operating system and is now on steroids. Automation is the future of mobile computing. I look forward to seeing what is under the hood when avato the public. 

What were your favorite things announced at WWDC? Share with us. 

TEKSide Mix-May 2019


My process for most of my playlists consists of screenshots of songs I can’t get out of my head. I set random playlists or my iTunes library on shuffle and screenshot away. Another way is when I drag the song into my Spotify playlist since I tend to accidentally delete screenshots. This was the method for May’s. For the first time, I ended up with ten “extra” songs. We like to keep them at ten therefore there was few days of removing songs. I tend to leave the ones that will flow in a shuffle setting best.

As I was wrapping up this post, the pattern (there’s always one) stuck out! It’s a passive aggressive playlist if you’re only looking at the titles. ‘Okay’, ‘Trust No Man’, ‘ Cool’, and ‘Trust Myself’. Of course, they have very little to do with their simple title but more complex emotions about the different types/stages of love.

The cover for this month is my most played (this month) as well. It’s Macy Gray’s ‘I Try’ covered by Jasmine Thompson. She was also January’s cover. She has a very unique voice and brings her own style and twist to most.

I hope you all enjoy!

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TEKTOK Podcast - EP063 - Which Team? - Sweet TEK Pick - Ferrite Recording Studio

Sweet TEK Post

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was the Ferrite Recording Studioapp for iOS. 


Never in a million years did I think that editing podcasts would be easier on an iPad than on a Mac. Boy, was I wrong!! Running a network that edits, mixes and publishes multiple podcasts on a weekly basis is a time consuming task no matter what tools and apps you use to do the job. But Ferrite has really been a tremendous time saver for me in regard to this process. The use of templates, fine-tuned edits with use of the Apple Pencil and throw in Chapter Support as just a few of the tent-pole features that have made the migration from Mac to iPad easy as well as enjoyable. The tablet is a productivity beast because of the connectivity, the portability, the versatility and the cutting edge software available to the user. Check out Ferrite Recording Studioif you are on the lookout for quality audio recording and editing software. You won’t regret it. 

iOSDocked - EP141 - Haptic Magic - iLike All the Apple Watch Bands

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This week my "iLike" (pick of the week) was the array of available Apple Watch bands for my Series 3 Apple Watch. 


I’m not one for accessorizing but the Apple Watch makes it very easy to do just that. The Apple Watch is by far the most popular watch on the planet. And because of that, their is a plethora of watch band makers out there all trying to get their piece of the Apple Watch accessory pie. No matter the color, the material, the cost or the comfort, there is probably a bazillion choices for you. I do get a little concerned about backwards compatibility when I upgrade my watch in the foreseeable future but for the time being, I personally have a growing collection of about 10 different watch bands. No matter the occasion or look you are after, you can get there. All you have to do is go shopping!

TEKTOK Podcast - EP062 - Weathering the Storm - Sweet TEK Pick - Flipflop Solitaire

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was Flipflop Solitaire by Zach Gage

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 10.44.50 AM.png

Solitaire is a classic time waster. Even on the earliest versions of pocket computers, solitaire was pre-installed. But mobile friendly solitaire has come a long way since then. Flipflop solitaire offers you several takes on the classic version but enough variation in play options to keep you coming back for more.

You can also customize the look, feel and even background noise the give you a custom playing experience. The price is right to get started = free. There are some in-app purchases available to the player that enrich the game-play experience but I would advise giving the freemium play a shot before upgrading. 

Hope you enjoy my “Sweet TEK Pick”. I know I am. 

TEKSide Mix - April 2019


There’s one song that I managed to catch, numerous times, in rotation at SoulCycle: Stickwithu by the PussyCatDolls.

I had forgotten about this song (which is actually in my iTunes!) From there I got into a “throwback” listening spree. Impossible by Christina Aguilera resurfaced. I recall an MTV behind the album special that aired around the time of her second albums release. It’s where I learned that the piano in the background of the song is done by Alicia Keys! For some reason there’s no feature credit in the songs title but please know it’s that much more because of her.

The rest of the playlist consists of radio playlists (on Spotify) based on other months’ playlists.

I hope you all enjoy!

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iOSDocked - EP140 - Special Event Recap - iLike the Apple Card

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This week my "iLike" (pick of the week) was the soon to be in my wallet Apple Card


The Apple Card was first announced at the Special Event Apple held in early March and I have to tell you, I’m down with it. I want this card. Why? Because I do believe with the stupid money on spend on iTunes media, apps & nearly every new piece of Apple hardware or accessory announced, I’m going to be able to take full advantage of the “Daily Cash” reward. Whether it’s 1%, 2% or 3%, that’s real money I can use to reduce the cost of the things I’m already buying. 

Another feature that I like is that the card offers unique features built right into the operating system of my favorite mobile platform. A payment tweaker, a detailed look at transactions with spending history and statistics are just a couple of the bonus features that aim to keep you “woke” on what you are doing with your money. 

All this and the usual good stuff, like security, transparency and a damn good looking titanium card to compliment the virtual one in your iOS wallet app. 

For more details on the new Apple Card including our review of the Apple Event in it’s entirety, be sure to check out the iOSDocked Podcast. 

TEKTOK Podcast - EP061 - Who Need Humans Anyway - Sweet TEK Pick - Castro

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was Castro


Castro is a podcast client with all the cool features of the other premiere podcast clients out there but there is a twist. Castro puts the user in complete control of what is playing next.

This is how it works. You import all your favorite podcasts. You then go into the settings for each podcast you listen to and make a decision to automatically add each episode to next in the queue, last in the queue or to place in the Inbox where you can go in at a later time and decide what you want to do with each individual podcast. Castro also makes this triaging of shows just as easy right through notifications. Now there is no iPad app currently but CarPlay & the Apple Watch are both supported

I’ve been asked why I have chosen this client over the likes of others like Overcast & Pocket Casts or Apple’s very own Podcasts app and the answer for me is simple. My time is important. I want to listen to the episodes I am most interested in. Castro gives me the ability to set up my episodes for the day and press play. That’s all I need.

Your other favorite features are there as well. Side-loading, favorite shows, trim the silence, playback speed, skip settings, skip intro settings and Siri Shortcuts are just some of the features. With a modest subscription price of $9 a year, you will have access to even more features including choosing from one of over a dozen icon choices.

This client is worth checking out. It’s an original take on podcast playback and it’s one of the best looking clients I have found. Download it today. And check out my interview with the dev team from back in 2017.

iOSDocked - EP139 - Apple Has Plans - iLike TikTok

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This week my "iLike" (pick of the week) was TikTok.

TikTok is a fun little social networking app that provides great entertainment in the form of short videos posted by it’s users. I find that TikTok is one of those apps you can just open and enjoy. I am not a creator, just a fan. My attention span doesn’t handle long-form videos well so this is kind of entertainment is right up my alley. Have you joined the TikTok revolution yet? You should. It’s a blast. 

TEKTOK Podcast - EP060 Online vs Offline - Sweet TEK Pick - The iPad as My Main Machine

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was my new mobile work setup which includes the all new iPad Pro 12.9” with the Smart Keyboard Folio case and the Apple Pencil 2.

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 11.55.25 PM.png

Since the iPhone restore I mentioned in the episode before last, I have moved forward with my quest to do more with less. Yes, I have given up the MacBook Pro as my main productivity machine and moved to the more modern and mobile way of computing. That’s right. I’m now officially in the “iPad is a Computer” camp. I’m not 100% iPad, but I’m pretty close with the MacBook now doing a small fraction of the work I was needing it to do before. Now some of this perception (and new found passion) is due to me unloading some non-essential busy-work from my todo list. But the main reason, I have been able to convert to the iPad as my main machine is because I changed my mindset. I’ve now been witness to the wonders of the iPad, and I’m looking forward to a more intimate relationship with this device as I get more comfortable and the iPad becomes more capable.

Are you a longtime Mac user tempted to switch machines? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

TEKSide Mix -February 2019


February’s playlist isn’t so much “new” music I discovered. More like (iTunes) shuffle doing a good job with my current music collection.

‘Common’ by Maren Morris and ‘100 Bad Days’ by AJR are the new, February, releases in this playlist. Only suggested to me by iTunes bots because I own other releases from said artists. These are the only two I listened to on Spotify but felt they blended well with the rest of the songs on the other neighborhood: iTunes.

The chosen cover for this month is ‘What The World Needs Now’ by Cat Power. It’s very month appropriate, hello Valentine’s Day, but not so simple. The bigger picture of love rather than attaching it (only) to aromatic relationships. It also reminded me of Austin Powers, yes, I’m very deep.

Hope you all enjoy!

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iOSDocked - EP138 - FaceTime Fails - iLike the Teal Album from Weezer

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This week my "iLike" (pick of the week) was the new Teal album from Weezer.


I’ve enjoyed this short but fun album. Weezer chose a good collection of songs to cover. While the album is fun and a good listen, it does not have staying power. In my opinion, none of the these covers come off better than the original (minus Paranoid by Black Sabbath maybe.) But if you are an Music subscriber, I definitely recommend a download and listen. If you are new to Weezer, you need to start right here! If you are familiar with Weezer, what you get with the Teal album will be no surprise.

TEKTOK Podcast - EP059 - When to Buy, When to Cry - Sweet TEK Pick - I Restored My iPhone

TEKTOK Podcast - EP059 - When to Buy, When to Cry - Sweet TEK Pick - I Restored My iPhone

I needed a change. There was just too much clutter. I had too many apps I didn’t use. I had too many apps performing the same task. I knew there was an issue, but I didn’t want to admit that it had become an issue. It took a mini-vacation away from technology to realize this. I came back to my device which did not fail to ping me with a never-ending stream of nofications with all the unimportant news and reminders of mundane tasks I had assigned myself. Why am I torturing myself? Why have I allowed this “smart” technology to become my master? I made some changes. I went back to my basics which had been buried beneath the barrage of bullshit I have allowed to clutter my life. Can I eliminate it? If not, can I delegate it? If not, can I automate it? If not, I need to do it. And it shouldn’t take some fancy ass system of web hooks and url schemes to get the job done if I will just zero-in and focus. So I restored my phone. I reinstalled two kinds of apps: the essential and the enjoyable. This has taken me some time to get used to, but it’s been worth the effort.

Read More

TEKSide Mix-January 2019


My monthly playlists come together (literally) last minute. I have a Spotify premium account and it’s my streaming service of choice but I still utilize iTunes and the Music app the most. I have a decently sized digital collection and I’m always finding new favorites in older albums. I take screenshots of new songs I find myself enjoying and sometimes end up in the (wonderful) rabbit hole of similar recommendations. At the beginning of the month, I sit down, gather my screenshots and put them all in one neat playlist. After this, I start working on elements of the sharing process with said playlist in the background. — I would describe this one as: very passionate, emotional with a little fun and explicit-ness threw in there!

The chosen cover - You Are My Sunshine by Jasmine Thompson - may require tissues. You’ve been warned!

I can tell this is going to be an often played playlist even as others are added to the mix.

I hope you enjoy!

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TEKSide Mix-December 2018


I bring you guys the last bit of 2018: my December favorites!

I typically spend a lot of time looking through recommended playlists, artists and songs but December when you’re not a child is hectic! This playlist became the equivalent of leftover night. You know… the end of the week, where there’s no energy left to the task of cooking or grocery shopping, so you see what’s accumulated from the various dinners. iTunes shuffle algorithm never fails and eventually just generates those songs/albums I listen through. Some I re-discovered because my hands were busy and I couldn’t reach any of my devices.

I caught a showing of Bumblebee, and that’s where The Smiths feature comes from! — I love looking through movie/show playlists made by Spotify users because they're so thorough and include every song that the official soundtracks tend to leave out.

I’ve also included two covers because I couldn’t decide and I realized I didn’t have to! Like A Virgin by Madonna is covered in such a unique way by Caught a Ghost and Addicted to Love by Florence + The Machine.

Like leftovers, this playlist randomly came together but gets the job done!

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TEKSide Mix-November 2018


My typical process for these playlists is listening throughout the month and taking a screenshot as a song stands out, and I find myself replaying it. By the end of the month, as I’m putting my playlist together, I tend to notice the pattern in my listening. My emotional state, in a way. We tend to get swept away in the daily routine that only the traumatic or exciting tend to stand out.

November was the month of gratitude and, boy, am I truly grateful for all. However, November was rough and, because of it, the playlist turned out soft.

I haven’t explored a lot of Spotify lately. Most of these came from my music collection, and the few times I went into iTunes to see what was new. A few favorites released new music towards the end of November, there’s a song played in the credits of a movie I landed on by channel surfing (James Morrison), and the rest of these songs are the ones I’ve ignored in artists’ albums for their more mainstream ones.

All in all, it’s one of my favorite playlists. Hope you all enjoy as well.

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My Dance with the Keto Diet

As many of you know, or if you don't, I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I have been a guest on the JackedCast Podcast a few times and have told my story so make sure you check those episodes out here and here. I am not going to rehash everything from the podcast, I will just start with the last month.

My journey started towards the end of October. I weighed in around 215lbs mid-October. I was comfortable with the number; however I wasn't satisfied with my look or the feel of my clothing. Everything felt a little snug. I had been looking into the Keto Diet as a few people I follow on Twitter have had great success with it. You probably want to know what the Keto Diet is. Without getting into all the nitty-gritty, the Keto Diet is a low carb (5%), moderate protein (20%) and high fat (75%) diet. For more in-depth information, Google is a great resource and so is this website, So I did some research, got a meal planner that calculated my macros for my target weight, at the time 200lbs. All of the food recommended were things I liked; bacon, steak, avocado and so on.

The first day was the most difficult. I went from grazing and snacking all day and eating what I wanted without thought to a very clean diet. Breakfast mostly consisted of sausage, bacon, eggs, and cheese. Lunches were varied, chicken, steak, ground beef with veggies, cheese, sour cream, and olive oil. Dinners were similar to lunch. I was really enjoying the first few days of food alone. October 22 was my first day, and I weighed in at 213 lbs with a BMI of 29.8. A week later on October 28th, I weighed in at 205lbs with a BMI of 27.9. Now, before you say "Holy Sh*t" a lot of that weight loss is water weight.

I was thrilled with the progress, and I thought to myself, damn I'm only 5lbs away from my goal, this diet is amazing. I continued on with the meal plan. Halloween was a little difficult because of all the chocolate that was around (a habit not craving). Aside from that, I was okay. I noticed a few things happening. First off was people seeing a change in my appearance. I saw my clothes were looser, which is the best way to tell how your diet is going. I also noticed I wasn't hungry, ever, or craving anything. I was really shocked and happy about that.

Week 2 came with no changes in my diet or activity. I lost 2lbs that week weighing in at 203 with a BMI of 27.6. The weight loss wasn't the greatest, but I wasn't expecting to maintain 5 additional pound loss per week, that's not realistic at all. I didn't change the foods I was eating, and I even slipped up with my calorie and carb budget a few times. I'm human, it happens. Best thing is to is not beat yourself up over it and get on the right course the next day.

Week 3 I had a breakthrough. I weighed in at 198lbs. I hit my original goal of 200lbs in 3 weeks. I decided I wanted to keep going and set a new goal of 185lbs. My BMI was down to 26.8, I was feeling good, not hungry, slept well. Everything was great. Then I hit a roadblock. I wasn't losing weight, in fact, I kept jumping from 196 to 199. Nothing had changed in my eating habit. I spoke to a few people I knew were on keto about their roadblocks. The best advice I got was not to begin fasting for a more extended period. I also started adding MTC Oil into my diet, mostly in my morning coffee.

Going to jump to week 4.5. The day of Thanksgiving. 193lbs and a BMI of 26.2, eight pounds away from my goal. The fasting tip I got is really paying off. The best part is I never feel hungry. I'm still eating bacon, cheese, steak, anything I want except carbs. Thanksgiving is my first "cheat day." I will be resuming Keto on Friday and will be avoiding the scale until Monday morning.

There are a few things in addition to the actual food that I do. I use this app, Carb Manager: Keto Diet App by Wombat Apps LLC, to track everything. If it has a barcode, I scan it. The app is free, but you can pay for the premium features. They allow you to track additional things. You also gain access to recipes and a meal planner. It's about $40/year. I also weigh everything I eat. That's the best way to see how much you are consuming. Keto is more than just minimal/no carbs. It's about a state your body enters. You can track it 2 ways, using urine test strips or a blood test. I do both. The strips can be found at your local drug store. The blood test kits can be ordered online. I got mine from Keto Mojo for $50.00.

Before you start any diet, consult your doctor and do your research. There are a lot of pros to this diet. Everyone responds differently to diets so my results may not be the same for you. I cannot stress enough that you do research before you begin this diet. Once I hit my goal weight, I will adjust my macros to maintain 185lbs. I am sure I can do it. That means you can do it also. You just have to stay focused and dedicated. Remember its ok to make mistakes. You also have to learn from them just as I did. If you are currently sticking to the Keto Diet, I would love to hear your goals, struggles or any food tips you have. Happy Holiday season!!

TEKTOK Podcast - EP058 - Headphone Hoarders - Sweet TEK Pick - Sorted 3

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was Sorted 3.

Screenshot 2018-11-11 10.31.58.png

If listeners of my podcasts or readers of my blogs or tweets know me at all, they know that I am a productivity junkie! I use a bunch of apps in this specific category. Sorted 3 is one of them. What makes Sorted 3 standout? It’s a unique approach to calendar viewing. Each event is listed as a task. Once the event has finished? Mark it complete. It is also a beautiful and extremely functional task manager that merges your tasks and events together seamlessly. Sorted 3 also has a very unique feature set. One of my favorite features is task auto-scheduling. Load a bunch of tasks to your itinerary for the day and let Sorted 3 schedule them for you in between the events you already have scheduled. Then set the buffer times between each task to ensure you are not over-scheduling.

Sorted 3 is as minimal or as powerful as you need it to be. It’s easily navigated via swiping gestures. It is also one of the most polished apps I have ever used. I’m eagerly awaiting the Mac version to become a reality. In the meantime, get familiar with Sorted 3 on your Mac and iPhone for free and take advantage of additional features via in-app purchase if you want more goodness.

Are you using Sorted 3 already? Has it become your default calendar or task manager? What are your thoughts? Let us know.

TEKSide Mix-October 2018


Since I didn’t publish a playlist in September, my initial though was to combine September and October. That idea was quickly scratched because of the sheer number of songs.

Both months have kept me the busiest and tired I’ve been in a while. Because of this, I’ve played music from my own collection and haven’t really checked out anything new. It’s like comfort food: you need something that will hit the spot without the guesswork.

The one song that I’ve had stuck in my head for a while is 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton. I made it the first song in the playlist because it sets the mood: light and fun. The other nine songs vary from pop to folk whilst still keeping it on the lighter side, something that won’t put you to sleep whilst driving.

I hope you all enjoy!

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iOSDocked - EP136 - iOS 12 is Pretty Darn Good - iLike Burkley Detachable Leather Wallet Case

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This week my "iLike" (pick of the week) was the Burkley Detachable Leather Wallet Case for my new iPhone Xs Max

I love this case so much. It’s everything you could possibly want in ways of convenience, protection, and accessibility. This high-quality leather case doubles as a full-size wallet storing up to 3 credit cards, an ID and plenty of room for business cards, receipts and cash in the extra side pocket.

The case is perfect for someone looking to combine both of their most critical pocket items. If you decide to wear your tight jeans out for a night on the town, fret not. The internal phone case is secured by a magnet and detaching from the wallet is a piece of cake. And the inner phone case is not some generic piece of crap. It’s just as stylish with a beautiful padded leather back and a sleek, minimal design that looks good from any angle. Want wireless charging? Detach from the wallet and place it on your compatible wireless charger. It is fully compatible.

I typically bounce from case to case throughout the year, but this case has some staying power. I like it a lot. Get yours in one of 4 excellent color options for just under $70. You won’t regret it!