iOSDocked - EP033 - $6 and a Trip to Target - iLike Habitify

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This week my "iLike" (pick of the week) was Habitify

Habitify, available on iOS, macOS, watch OS and soon to be on Android, is an app to assist you in building good habits and routines and easily track progress with helpful statistical views along the way. While I use another app for habit building (a post for later), I do like to use Habitify to help me solidify my daily routines. It is a complete solution as it has clients available to me on all the Apple platforms I use. This is important to me because I switch devices as I move from task to task. Progress is synced in real time as I check off tasks running through each routine with fluidity. Habitify is developed by and tailored for those who are serious about not only being productive but also consistent in how they approach their work and self-development. I highly recommend downloading the free version for yourself and seeing if this is a utility that you could implement into your life.